What to report

Severe incidents, breaches or suspected breaches of IFSS’s Business Principles or laws and regulations

Corruption, including bribes and kick backs False financial reporting
Human and labor rights violations Conflicts of interest
Discrimination or harassment Violations of competition laws
Threats to life or health Violations of environmental regulations
Fraud, theft and/or embezzlement Breaches of confidentiality
Want to raise a complaint?

On a day-to-day basis, you should seek guidance and direct anti-corruption inquiries to your immediate superior. You may also contact the legal/HR department, if you have any questions about this manual or anti-corruption law contact + 65 9783 1782

If you decide to raise a complaint, this should also be reported through the proper channels, i.e. line manager. If this is inappropriate or inadequate due to the nature of the complaint, information may be given to HR or General Manager/Managing Director. You may also use IFSS’s whistle blowing procedures and report openly