IFSS conducts business operations with loyalty, care, respect and boldness in the interest of customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, the environment and the society at large.

IFSS wants to be perceived as a serious, dependable and long-term business partner. We therefore:

  • Have high standards in business ethics and integrity
  • Give priority to the interests of both customers and IFSS over personal gain and benefit; e.g. we do not mix IFSS’s business with any own business or those belonging to relatives or close friends
  • Do not solicit or accept any benefits other than customary gifts and entertainment
  • Meet customers with respect
  • Treat suppliers impartially and fairly
  • Meet and refer to competitors in a professional manner
  • Offer high quality products and services as well as in all parts of business processes
  • Have employees who act as IFSS ambassadors and who strive to maintain IFSS’s reputation when engaged in both business and non-business activities
  • Respect the culture of those countries in which we operate
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